Getting Started

This program is very easy to use once you review these simple steps.

A Push Project consists of folder location on your computer (local project) and of an ftp location setting.

It will monitor changes made to the local project folders and files and mark them ready to push to the ftp location.

You can use any type of editing programs to make your changes, just save your changes, open or activate FTP Web Project Publisher then click the Push to FTP toolbar button.

Make sure you first save all your local project changes and in the case of a web application, to compile it before pushing the changes.

Your Push project will save its changes from time to time depending on the action you take.

Also, when you add new files to your local project, they will be added at the bottom of the list. Just click the toolbar Refresh button to bring them back to their respective location. Note that pushing your changes will refresh the content first.

Create a new Push project

A push project is an xml file that contains the ftp connection information, file types to monitor, excluded and pass-through folders and files lists.

Upon creation, a list of all folders and files from your local project will be added the new push project according to the ProjectTemplate.xmo specification which is the default settings for all new projects.

You can make changes to the template file (xml), just open it in notepad and follow the word casing and entry values.

Remember, xml is strict, keep the same element letter casing which is camel case for xml tags and mostly lower case for the values. 
(eg.: camelCase format - first word first letter is lowercase, the rest is uppercase) <excludedFiles></excludedFiles>


The template file and all push project files are located in the root of this application.

When you installed this application, a set of items have been added to your Start Menu -> Programs -> NorthGates.Ca.

Initial Project Properties Configuration

Once your Push Project is created, you need to decide which file types to monitor as well as which folders and files you want to exclude and to pass-through.

For example, you may have a folder called download in your local project and one at your ftp location but you keep separate download items (mainely files), one for testing and one live at the ftp location.

Now, imagine you have one file from your local project download folder that you want to push but to push only that one!.. Well, by excluding folders and files and by passing-through folders and files, you can just about push only what you want.

Changing The Sound Files

You can change the sound files to what ever you decide - just keep the same sound file names and location!. For more information, look in your Start Menu -> Programs -> NorthGates.Ca.

Version 2.0 does not synchronize between the local project and the ftp location.